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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's Talk About Snoods

Snood. What? Yes, a snood. Snoods are a kind of women's headgear which resemble a close-fitting net worn over the back of the head. They were extremely popular during the Elizabethan time, though they did not originate there. The word was first recorded in Old English from sometime around 725. It was widely used in the Middle Ages for a variety of cloth or net head coverings, including what we would today call hairbands, as well as versions similar to a modern net snood.

During the Elizabethan age they went through a period of creativity in which women wore snoods adorned with beads, pears and other jewels matching with their dress-up. They also served a practical purpose for the women with long hair who went horseback riding, or for the average Subject who saving their hair from the possibilities of getting captured while working [on the farm].

Snoods can still be seen today, albeit rarely, but using a sheer/fishnet snood can be very pretty especially for formal occassions if you use the delicate silk type or if you go Elizabethan and wear one with pearls and jewels adorned.

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